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 This is the face of Halo 5's Agent Locke

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This is the face of Halo 5's Agent Locke Empty
PostSubject: This is the face of Halo 5's Agent Locke   This is the face of Halo 5's Agent Locke EmptyThu Jul 24, 2014 2:20 am


See the first image of Halo: Nightfall

I don't even know where the Uncanny Valley is anymore. It used to be so simple - you'd look at that terrible Final Fantasy movie and go "they look a bit... off, right?". Nowadays, our new video game characters are being revealed by way of real people's faces, like some bizarre genetic advertising. Take Agent Locke, Halo 5: Guardians' mysterious new Spartan character, who we now know looks like "The Good Wife" actor Mike Colter. Because it is him. Sort of.

After an accidental post by Variety (as picked up by VG27/7), we've seen our first image of Colter - in his dressed-down Spartan gear - as he'll appear in narrative-bridging, Ridley Scott-produced TV series (and Master Chief Collection pack-in) Halo: Nightfall. Whether we'll be seeing him unhelmeted in the game is another matter, but now we'll just know what he's hiding under there.

It seems we'll be seeing even more of both Nightfall and the Master Chief Collection this week, at least if two Comic-Con panels dedicated to them are anything to go by.

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This is the face of Halo 5's Agent Locke
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