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 More Mass Effect Xbox One details - new races and customisation options

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PostSubject: More Mass Effect Xbox One details - new races and customisation options   Wed Aug 06, 2014 12:13 pm


More Mass Effect Xbox One details - new races and customisation options:

A transcript of BioWare's ComicCon 2014 Mass Effect presentation is now online, care of Nerd Appropriate. It's hardly jam-packed with revelations about the next game in the series, but there are some interesting tit-bits. New races, for instance, and the possibility of vehicle customisation.

Let's start with the latter. "This isn't the Mako that you remember, this is a DIFFERENT Mako," series producer Mike Gamble explained, discussing the return of the galaxy's bounciest, least co-ordinated tank. "The point here is that it is a really agile Mako, it's different than the one you've seen before. There is no cannon on it. Maybe it can hover, maybe it can jump, I don't know. We've [had] a lot of help designing it, it's gone through a lot of iteration.

"The Mako is meant to be a fast response, point to point vehicle at this point," he went on. "It's something you can tear around planets in really quickly and get to where you need to go without a whole lot of fuss. We're kind of working on the tweaks and the physics, the important part is that the Mako is going to be fundamental to the game. We're building a game that's about exploring places, and obviously [if you're] exploring places [you're going to need] a really handy vehicle."

The ability to personalise your equipment is another priority. "In terms of customization, it's been something we've been looking at, sure. We feel as though, if you're going to be spending a lot of time in the vehicles [that] they should reflect you as a player and customization is one element of that as well."

Naturally, this also means that more cosmetic options for character models are being considered. "The way that our character artists have been building things in layers and in steps, it's really unique because you can take some of those armor pieces off and they can be your actual causal outfits without the armor pieces on them. That level of customization applies to everything that you're wearing."

Alas, this doesn't extend to a choice of protagonist races - you'll once again star as a human. "New races" will feature alongside a few returning ones, however, and it's possible you'll get to play as them. "For sure your main character will be human but in terms of other playable races... we can't talk about that at this point," Gamble hinted.

"The theme is [that] we want to create new experiences for the player, but we still want to bring in elements of what you know and love about the previous trilogy that might include certain characters and it might not," he added, in summary. "So guaranteed, either way that we end up going you're going to see a certain amount of the old with the new."
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More Mass Effect Xbox One details - new races and customisation options
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